With a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise, and practical experience, Momentum was founded in 2016 and launched in 2021.

After decades of working closely with clients, evaluating the marketplace, gathering customer insight, and understanding how clients were misinformed or misrepresented, we felt a change was required now more than ever. We recognize opportunities that others often miss and wanted to create new ideas and services that disrupt the marketplace.

Through entrepreneurial thinking, Momentum understands that now is more important than ever to help our clients adapt to behavioral and market changes being driven by generational shifts and technological advances.

We empower industry professionals with resources, a combination of reliable tools, and comprehensive data to make decisions with confidence. That indispensable wisdom is behind all strategies and investment vehicles we developed at Momentum. It is what forms the foundation of our core philosophical belief that understanding the nature of the risks presented by a given opportunity is a prerequisite to evaluating the likelihood of a lucrative return on investment. We accomplish this through extensive fundamental research combined with thorough, insightful, and actionable analysis of that information.

Over the years, with proven track records and an ever-present eye on market trends, Momentum makes it our business to develop an instinctive understanding of yours.

To see possibilities, be instinctive, deliberate, resourceful, and change the game forward
To develop best practices, ensure both measurable and sustainable excellence of every action and interaction that contributes to our reputation in the marketplace
Deep insight of current market trends, statistics, and market conditions to make informed decisions and reduce risk
To challenge the norm, do things differently, embrace new technologies, and acquire knowledge to display thought leadership
Staying true to our character, professionalism, leadership, brand, and reputation
To act insightful, respectful, and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions