Ebenezer Leger
President & CFO
Ebenezer Leger leads and guides the growth of Momentum Agency Group. He is a transformational manager and systematic in planning for the future and growth optimization. Ultimately, he believes, "Our success pillars on the talent and strength of our team. The key ingredient in the solutions we provide to every client is rooted in our unique perspectives revealing root-causes that allow for the discovery of an appropriate path mixed with creativity. Technology and everything else can be categorized as tools that enable us to provide this value."
Ebenezer holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with a finance emphasis from Bauer Business School at the University of Houston and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering from Cullen college of Engineering at the University of Houston. He is an active member of the University of Houston Alumni Association and a member of Toast Masters International.

Ebenezer's career span 20 years of experience as Mechanical Engineer, Product Manager, and Teacher. He has designed, created, led in the most challenging environments. He has created customer-valued products, commercialized services in hundreds of millions of dollars, and managed budgets for multiple market programs throughout his career.