Entrepreneurial, diverse, and collaborative, Momentum seeks experienced and specialized professionals to help us create the future of talent, real estate, and consulting. Our goal is to employ, develop, and retain diverse team members with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences mirroring the ever-changing global marketplace we work in. Your success is our philosophy and culture. It is about bringing your skills, curiosity, and your best self.


The Momentum Internship Program offers current students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain relevant, hands-on work experience at a leading talent, real estate, and consulting agency. Discover how you can apply your talent and skills to harness powerful change with our career-building programs.


Momentum looks for employees who are collaborative, passionate, and driven. A fostering environment inclusive of diversity provides an experience for our employees and clients. Momentum is committed and focused on diversifying its population, through recruitment and other employee development programs. Internally, Momentum strives to create a workforce where all individuals can reach their full potential and an Equal Opportunity employer.