Momentum experts deliver insight, strategies, and consulting services to first-time or existing investors who are looking to maximize the value of their residential investments. Our behind-the-scenes experts perform extensive research to help guide clients’ decision-making to ensure overall investment success for the client.

Whether you are looking for economic analysis, acquiring property, developing a project, or implementing a real estate solution for your current investment, at Momentum our functional experts can provide you with knowledge across sectors to help the development use of your real estate acquisition.


Momentum valuations allow clients to understand market value and provide real-time market condition snapshots and trends that may impact future value.

Our comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and client-friendly reports for investors allows you to make real time decisions.

Long Term Hold Analysis
Apply assumptions to understand the returns of any property generating a cash flow over a two- to ten-year period.
Multifamily Unit Mix Summary
Provides details of each unit, allows for renovation considerations and refinancing post renovations.
Residential Flip Analysis
Understand potential profit and losses based on purchase price, renovation costs, and sales price.
Land Development Analysis
A back-of-the-envelope calculator that gives you the confidence to move forward with land development projects.
  • Property Report
  • Unlevered Analysis
  • Total Operating Expenses
  • Market Activity Report
  • Levered Analysis
  • Leveraged Yield
  • Home Improvement Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Annual Cash Flow
  • Long-or-Short-Term Hold
  • Net Operating Income
  • Return Analysis
  • Equity IRR & NPV
  • Effective Gross Income
  • Final Investor Report (PDF or Excel)