At Momentum Agency Group, everything we do is supported by analytical tools and methods that are used by our real estate market experts. This combination provides Momentum Agency Group with information advantage and differentiated perspective that enables our business to revolutionize the way real estate is evaluated, presented, and operated for our clients.

Our accessibility to comprehensive market data intelligence reports includes a nationwide database of over millions of U.S. properties with powerful analytics and dynamic reports.

If you are interested in knowing the market trends, how to make informed decisions, or gain a competitive edge in the real estate marketplace, Momentum’s anytime, anywhere access to comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and client-friendly reports enable us to provide detailed information for your real estate market needs.

Capitalize on the research and experience of our professionals, to not only see but understand the real estate industry.

Property characteristics, values, market statistics, taxes, schools, and much more.
Market Activity Report
Trends, statistics, and market conditions in your area.
Neighborhood Report
Housing, people, economics, and quality of life of the neighborhood statistics.
School Report
Summary of student population, reviews, ratings, contact information, and much more about public and private schools with display of homes for sale in the school district.
Sellers Report
Local market conditions, comparable properties, recommended pricing strategies, and estimated proceeds with easy-to-understand facts that helps create realistic expectations for buyers and sellers.
Comparative Analysis Reports
A comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis report determining the value of a property. Our report includes sales and financing activity, market conditions, market activity, and other market data that generates a price range of your property by integrating comparable and market information with knowledge of the property and the neighborhood of the most recently sold properties.
Professional Equity Assessment Report
A Professional Equity Assessment Report is a custom evaluation of your home’s cash value. By knowing what you currently owe on your mortgage and estimating the value of your home, we can determine your home’s approximate equity. This is a powerful tool to help you make confident decisions in your home selling process.