Momentum valuations allow clients to understand market value and provide real-time market condition snapshots and trends that may impact future value.

Our access to millions of nationwide database properties, investment analysis tool, and decision-prompting information accelerates our investors' property valuation and evaluation in real-time to properties on-and off-market listings.

The combination of quantitative and quantitative data analysis provides financial modeling for real estate development, financing and loan analysis, real estate financial scenarios, long-term hold, or short-term flip, forecast returns based on cash flows, purchase cost and sale projections, and accurate price for your investment.

Our comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and client-friendly reports for investors allows you to make real time decisions. You can choose the Pro Subscription Plan that is right for you.

  • Long Term Hold Analysis
    Apply assumptions to understand the returns of any property generating a cash flow over a two- to ten-year period.
  • Multifamily Unit Mix Summary
    Provides details of each unit, allows for renovation considerations and refinancing post renovations.
  • Residential Flip Analysis
    Understand potential profit and losses based on purchase price, renovation costs, and sales price.
  • Land Development Analysis
    A back-of-the-envelope calculator that gives you the confidence to move forward with land development projects.
Financial Analysis & Analytics Valuation Model Report
  • Property Report
  • Market Activity Report
  • Home Improvement Analysis
  • Long-or-Short-Term Hold
  • Equity IRR & NPV
  • Unlevered Analysis
  • Levered Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Net Operating Income
  • Effective Gross Income
  • Total Operating Expenses
  • Leveraged Yield
  • Annual Cash Flow
  • Return Analysis
  • Final Investor Report
    (PDF or Excel)